NovaSure Endometrial Ablation

In our 30s and 40s, as women approach menopause, we’re more likely to develop abnormal menstrual bleeding. Unfortunately, having heavy periods means a lot more than simply heavy bleeding; heavy periods can wreak havoc in our lives. According to studies, they can take a physical, social and emotional toll.

NovaSure endometrial ablation is a one-time, five-minute procedure designed to remove just the uterine lining - the endometrium - which is the part of your body that causes heavy bleeding. No incisions are required, leaving your uterus intact. For 9 out of 10 women, their heavy periods are dramatically reduced or stopped altogether. And when you choose NovaSure endometrial ablation, you’re in great company. To date, two-plus million women have been treated with the NovaSure procedure.

WomanCare performs NovaSure endometrial ablation in office, making the procedure more affordable compared to practices that perform the procedure in a hospital. There’s no need for anesthetic with NovaSure, and it’s fast, usually taking five minutes or less! Learn more about Novasure below - and talk to your WomanCare Physician - to find out if the procedure is right for you.

Benefits of NovaSure

Many women who’ve had the NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure say they are now able to spend more time at work and daily activities, participating in more social and athletic outings now that they no longer suffer from heavy menstural bleeding. They also report improved energy levels, better moods, and a boost in self-confidence. And many also had a significant reduction in painful periods and PMS symptoms like irritability.

Quick Facts

NovaSure Fact

1 in 5 women

suffer from heavy periods.

NovaSure Fact

2+ Million women

have been treated with the NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure.

NovaSure Fact

90% of women

in a clinical trial menstrual bleeding is dramatically reduced or stopped altogether.

NovaSure Fact

97% of patients surveyed

would recommend the procedure to a friend.

What to Expect

This simple, safe procedure is performed in office at WomanCare. You can have the procedure any time during your cycle—even if you are bleeding at the time. Here’s what you can expect before, during and after you have the NovaSure procedure.


The actual procedure takes about five minutes, but you should plan on being at WomanCare for at least one hour.

NovaSure Procedure

Your doctor opens your cervix (the opening to your uterus) slightly, inserts a slender wand and extends a triangular-shaped netted device into your uterus.

NovaSure Procedure

The netting expands, fitting to the size and shape of your uterus.

NovaSure Procedure

Precisely measured radio frequency energy is delivered through the netting for about 90 seconds.

NovaSure Procedure

The netted device is pulled back into the wand, and both are removed from your uterus.


Before leaving, you’ll receive specific discharge instructions. These may include the following:

Is NovaSure Right for Me?

NovaSure endometrial ablation is for premenopausal women with heavy periods due to benign causes who are finished childbearing. Having the NovaSure procedure is one of the easiest ways to eliminate heavy bleeding to dramatically improve your quality of life—and free you to do all the activities you love. If you’re suffering from abnormal menstrual bleeding and want to relieve the physical, social and emotional tolls it’s taking on your life, talk to your WomanCare physician about NovaSure.

You must be absolutely sure you do not want to have any children in the future. Your uterine lining will be removed during the procedure. This is the area in your body where the bleeding originates—and it’s essential for nurturing the growth of a fetus. It is important to know that it is still possible to become pregnant after a NovaSure endometrial ablation procedure. Pregnancy following endometrial ablation is very dangerous for both the mother and the fetus so before you have the NovaSure procedure, talk with your WomanCare physician about contraception options.

Special Safety Information

NovaSure endometrial ablation is for premenopausal women with heavy periods due to benign causes who are finished childbearing. Pregnancy following the NovaSure procedure can be dangerous. The NovaSure procedure is not for those who have or suspect uterine cancer; have an active genital, urinary or pelvic infection; or have an IUD. NovaSure endometrial ablation is not a sterilization procedure. Rare but serious risks include, but are not limited to, thermal injury, perforation and infection. Temporary side effects may include cramping, nausea, vomiting, discharge and spotting.

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